Theological Foundations Backpacking Trip Application

The Theological Foundations Backpacking Trip application process includes several steps.

  1. Complete the online Student Application form before May 1, 2018.  Click here to apply.
  2. The Session Recommendation form must be submitted.  (We will send the recommendation form to the pastor or elder selected in the Student Application form.)
  3. Send payment of $285 (unless special arrangements have been made).  The $285 will cover gas, food, and other equipment that we use in the wilderness plus food and lodging outside of the wilderness.
  4. Complete medical information & release form.  Download forms here.
  5. Submit the personal equipment checklist.  Download checklist here.
  6. Plan travel to arrive in time to be at Westminster RPC by the evening of Friday July 6 and leave on or after Monday July 16.  The congregation will host people, who arrive early.  If you need or desire to leave after July 16, work with us to make arrangements for housing.
  7. Commit to training far in advance for the TFB.   A consistent exercise routine will prepare you for the physical demands of backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.  Running 5k three times a week at an easy pace will help.  Also, you should plan regular hikes or walks with ~20-30 pounds in a backpack.  A routine of climbing stairs will condition you for the consistent climbing you will experience.  Mountain and Road biking will build muscles that you will use carrying a pack in the mountains.  Also, add some mild strength training and stretching to prepare your body.  If you have questions, Shane Sapp can give you suggestions for training to backpack.  With a little effort, you can be physically prepared to enjoy every part of the TFB2017.  (FYI, the girls have consistently done just as well as the guys every year!)

Our wilderness permit limits the group size to include 13 students.  The Session at Westminster RPC will evaluate each application before accepting students, and we will give priority to those applications, which we receive first.  Please apply as soon as possible.  If you have attended the TFB in the past, you can still apply, but we will give priority to new students.  We will accept applications of members of other NAPARC congregations, but we give preference to members of the RPCNA.

If you have questions about the application and acceptance process please contact Shane Sapp at

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