Who Are We?

Our Purpose, Calling and Vision

Statement of Purpose

The Purpose of the WRPC is to reach the lost, disciple the saved and establish itself and daughter churches as living bodies of Christ which honor God in their worship, teaching, fellowship and service.

Mission (Updated April, 2005)

  1. Practice God-centered, God-honoring worship in Spirit and truth.
  2. Preach and teach a Biblical and Reformed Worldview.
  3. Nurture and equip our families and individuals to become strong and serving Christians.
  4. Practice Christian fellowship in accord with the “one anothers” of the New Testament.
  5. Develop relationships with people outside this congregation with the goal of seeing them become Christians and active church members.
  6. Lovingly serve needy people in our congregation, our community and beyond.
  7. Establish through shepherding and outreach a strong group of 150-200 people meeting at the 112th Avenue location.
  8. Improve the property of which God has made us stewards in order that it might better serve kingdom interests.
  9. Promote fellowship between Reformed Presbyterian congregations in Colorado, the Midwest Presbytery and beyond.
  10. Establish new Reformed Presbyterian congregations in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Organization and Leadership

Presbyterian government is based upon the oversight of individual congregations by elders. Presbyterianism also recognizes the right and responsibility of the congregation to elect its own elders, deacons and other officers.

The Westminster Congregation’s organization consists of the following groups:

  • Session  (teaching and ruling elders)
  • Deacon Board
  • Congregational Officers
  • Congregational Committees