Rev. Shane Sapp  was ordained and installed as the pastor of the Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in 2009.  Prior to preparing for the ministry, he worked as an electrical engineer in the satellite industry in southern California and Colorado.  Shane has been married to his wife, Kelly, since 1995, and they have two children.  Shane desires to glorify Christ as a faithful minister of the Word of God.  He teaches the Scriptures with the hope that people may grow in their knowledge of Christ and also be transformed by the work of Christ.  Pastor Sapp’s desires for the ministry include the salvation of sinners, growth in grace of believers, the unity of the Church, and the glory of Christ.  Shane’s three favorite places are public worship on the Lord’s day, almost anywhere with his wife and children, and anywhere in the mountains of Colorado above 10,000 feet.  In his free time, you might find Shane reading a dusty theology book; running, biking, or climbing uphill in the summer; skiing downhill in the winter; or playing basketball with his kids.


John Duke was a charter member of the congregation when it was first organized back in 1973. He served first as a deacon and then was ordained as a ruling elder in the late 1970’s – a role he has continued in to the present. Now retired, he previously worked in the accounting and finance area, and often as a small business entrepreneur.

John served for many years on both the RPCNA’s presbytery and Synod finance committees, and as President of Synod’s Board of Trustees. A passion of his has been the ministry of the presbytery’s annual Family Camp/Conference for which he has served for many years on the planning committee as well as on the Board of Directors of the Horn Creek Conference Grounds Ministry that hosts the annual Family Camps.

John especially appreciates the congregation’s strong unity, which flows from a shared commitment to a biblically reformed understanding of the Scriptures accompanied by a common desire to grow in Grace both in understanding and in life. He also appreciates the congregation’s love of fellowship, evidenced in part by how long folks stick around following worship and other meetings – long after the event itself is over.

John and his wife, Kathy, have three children, nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren plus one more on the way. All live close by. In fact, John and Kathy, along with their son, his wife and their six children, intentionally bought a large house together, in which they live and serve one another in a multi-generational setting – always with three generations and often with four generations involved.


Bill Van Sciver has served as an elder at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church since 1995. Prior to becoming a member at WRPC he served as an elder at the Aurora Reformed Presbyterian Church. Bill attended seminary classes with a desire to grow in handling the Word of God faithfully toward his passion for shepherding and teaching fellow Christians. Seeing men in the congregation growing in the loving and faithful exercise of spiritual leadership in their homes is a ministry focus of his.

Bill and Vicki have been married since 1978. They have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. He has worked in the construction industry as a craftsman, supervisor, and estimator for 51 years. Bill enjoys worshipping and fellowshipping with the congregation at Westminster as they desire to glorify God and come to know and love Jesus Christ more and more.

Paul Welander was ordained as an elder in 2015. Prior to that he served as a deacon for 8 years. God has blessed Paul with a wonderful wife and son.

Paul loves to see the people of God grow in their trust in Jesus in all areas of their lives.

In his spare time, Paul can be found hiking Colorado’s 14ers and 13ers (only 547 to go until he finishes), building toy roller coasters with his wife and son and reading. Paul works in the architectural design field.






John Greene (chairman)  has served 10 years as a Deacon at WRPC.  He is employed by a local healthcare system and works as Planner/Analyst in their business development and strategic planning office.  He believes God’s people have the privilege to serve one another and the church and considers his work as a Deacon to be this very opportunity.  He very much appreciates the congregation’s demonstration of God’s love and patience among one another and finds it a pleasure serving them.

John and his wife Cindy have three adult children, two of which, a son and daughter, are also WRPC members.  John and Cindy enjoy travelling and catching an occasional Colorado Rockies game.

Alex Greene was blessed to grow up in a Christian family with parents who stressed the importance of daily Bible reading and weekly sitting under sound teaching of the Word of God. Though he can not point to a specific date wherein the Lord took ahold of his heart and applied saving faith, it is important to consider that at some point a person can no longer rely on the faith of their parents but must struggle through the teachings of the scripture and accept Christ as Savior and King of their life. This is a fact he is ready and able to profess publicly.

He has been serving as a deacon at the Westminster Reformed congregation officially since September of 2015. He is thankful to the congregation for allowing him to use his gifts of service in an official office in the church. He hopes to learn from the experience from the deacon leadership and grow his ability to serve his local congregation and the greater church body.

He currently works as an Electrical Engineer at and Power Engineering company located in Denver. A little more than half a year into his service as a deacon, his job transferred him down to a field engineering role close to Houston Texas to provide engineering support for the construction of a power plants they designed. It was a great opportunity to grow as an engineer but also an opportunity to learn how to serve the church even at a great distance.

He enjoys a broad range of outdoor activities and hobbies in his free time. He is an avid fan of the extensive trail systen in the Denver area which allow him to enjoy his love of running. He also enjoys watching and participating in a great many outdoor sports but baseball and most specifically the Colorado Rockies are his favorite. The large stack of books at his home is evidence for his love for a great story. He also dabbles a little bit with writing and at some point would like to be the author of his own novel.

Jeremiah Wood is a recently installed deacon at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church. Jeremiah and his wife Alison have been Presbyterians and members of WRPC for 4 years and host prayer meetings in their home. Jeremiah also serves as the chairman of the Audio / Video committee at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church and teaches Sunday school for young adults.

Jeremiah works as an Account Manager for an IT company, and works to serve people not only in his profession, but to also serve people in the Church in the service of Christ. Jeremiah and his wife Alison have three beautiful children who are a joy and blessing in their home. Some of his hobbies include learning and teaching theology, spending time with the saints, collecting rocks, helping people with computer problems, and spending time with his family.


Matt Parker is a recently installed deacon and the Treasurer for Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church. He works in accounting for an aviation company in Denver, and although the job seems boring it is worth it to stay in Colorado (which happens to be the only place he has ever lived). He loves the opportunity to use his gifts to serve the Lord and his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at WRPC, and desires to be ever-growing in his faith and love for the church. He has been at WRPC for almost 5 years and has a deep gratitude for the faithfulness of the congregation, which has continued to strengthen him in his own walk with Christ.

He is a husband and father of 3 “energetic” children, and is very thankful that his family shares his love for the Lord and bicycles. He loves riding his mountain bike, or road bike, or any bike he can pedal (including his kids bikes), and is always trying to find an excuse to head west to the mountains. He and his wife also love to snowboard and tele-ski, but he is often conflicted because you can ride a bike in snow too.